About Company

Let me take this apportiunity to introduce you to the Enfinity world. We are proud to develop Iconic and State of the Art yet Practical structures. Our promise to customers is to provide highest standers of quality in design, technology and materials. The dream that was shared between me and my Company Director and myself has seen us through four glorious decades of uplifting the quality of lives.

Enfinity world Infra Venture Limited Established before few years, ENFINITY WORLD today is among the leading Realty and Infrastructure companies of India.

Enfinity world has a track record of over 3 years of Sustained growth, customer satisfaction and innovation. Currently the company has over5 planned projects with 3 projects in pipeline. Enfinity world's primary business is development of residential, commercial, Apartments, Row houses& retail properties. The Company works on a unique business model with earnings arising from developments & rentals. Its exposure across businesses, segment & geographies, mitigates any down cycle in the market. Enfinity world has seen a dream of giving quality homes to the people of Lucknow and other places and that too at a reasonable cost and we are confident that we will achieve what we are striving for.