Company Profile

The Company was incepted in the year 2013,in the heart of he city of Nawabs, Lucknow and spread across the country having its operations in major cities in Lucknow,Kanpur,Allahabad,Gorakhpur etc.
Enfinityworld has a track record of over 3 years of Sustained growth, customer satisfaction and innovation.Currently the company has over5 planned projects with 3 projects in pipeline.
Enfiniyworld's primary business is development of residential,commercial,Apartments,Eow houses& retail properties.The Company works on a unique business model with earnings arising from developments&rentals. its exposure across businesses,segment&geographies,mitigates any down cycle in the market.
Enfinityworld has seen a dream f giving quality homes to the people of Lucknow and other placesand that too at a reasonable cost and we are confident that we will achieve what we are striving for.

Enfinityworld group of companies have always been committed to provide superior customer services and an unwavering dedication to the satisfaction of customers.Proactively seeking to improve quality,value, and service are hallmarks of these companies.Their commitment to personalized service,continuing innovation and overall expertise has brought annual recognition through numerous awards.The management team has enhanced the community and profession by serving in many local and regional capacities.In keeping with the Govt. new housing policy.The company also endeavours to provide better dwelling units for the urban poor people with special emphasis on improvement in environment and social foresty.